We are the company Pelleti Praise Industry and we produce and distribute the wooden pellets Zemen Pellets. The pellets are premium class A1 and are made of 100% white pine. They are characterized by high caloric content and low ash content, which leads to their extremely high quality.

Качествени иглолистни пелети в София

Quality is what sets us apart!

We know how harmful low quality fuel can be to your heating system. In fact, it can damage it and leave you suffering in the cold at the most inappropriate moment. That is why Zemen Pellets takes the high standard of our pellets very seriously. Our goal is to provide you with warm and cozy winters, to protect you from costly damages and to help you maximize the life of your heating system.

Caloric content

5.27 kWh/kg

Moisture content

< 8%

Ash content

≤ 0.6%

Premium pellets

Class А1

Working hours of the warehouse


10: 00 - 18:00

Saturday and Sunday

10: 00 - 17:00

Opinions of our customers

I am satisfied with the pellets offered by Zemen Pellets, because they are high in calories, which reduces consumption. There is no slag, which is another plus of theirs with great importance.

Stefan Popov

Perfect quality that fits ideally with my pretentious boiler. Some time ago I thought I was wrong with the choice of the boiler, but now I have no problems with it when I use these pellets.

Hristo Vasilev

These are the best pellets I've come across. The quality is very high and the company is very correct and responsive. I plan to use them in the future if they keep on having this standard.

Ivana Mladenova

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Zemen, st, „Promishlena“

Warehouse, st. „Okolovrasten pat“ 196

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